Indie Teepee – July 10th to 24th


INDIE TEEPEE is an annual music and arts festival created for residents of Second Life who are inspired by the music festival trend that is ubiquitous in the real world. The event will feature many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop, electronic dance music, live performances; as well as a drive-in machinima screening, original mesh designers and art installations.

See you there!

9th of July – SIM opens specially for bloggers and Early Access VIPs

10th of July at the struck of midnight – Officially opens with 3 stages of music

11th of July – with 3 stages of music

12th to 23rd – Operation as usual except no music

24th of July – With 3 stages of music.


Necklace – Indie Teepee – Festival Pass – Press
Sweater – [R3] – Rhett Sweater [V2]
Pant – uc_unisex_skinny_pants_graywash
Sandals – Italiano Saint Martins Tmp Male Brown @ Cosmopolitan

Indie Teepee Eco Tote (SPECIAL PASS)
Indie Teepee – Teepee – Limited Edition
Ukelele – Wood Etched – Flower – CM
Indie Teepee Ukelele Anthem CM


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